Not Ready to Have a Baby?

Not Ready to Have a Baby?

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If you’re not ready to have a baby yet it’s 100% your responsibility to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy. Assuming that the girl is on the pill, or that she’ll have an abortion if she gets pregnant, are very dangerous …

Don't Let Meeting Online Accelerate Sex

Don’t Let Meeting Online Accelerate Sex

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Do you let meeting online accelerate sex? I’ve heard people say about online dating, “By the time you meet, it’s really just about whether you want to have sex or not.” I find a lot of truth in that. You’ve …

5 Mistakes Men MAke in Online Profiles

5 Mistakes Men Make in Online Profiles

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Many of my clients come to me because they’re frustrated with online dating and they’re tired of being single. They know they’re doing something wrong they’re just not sure what. I very much enjoy helping men and women find the …

Are You Being Sexy or Creepy?

Are You Being Sexy or Creepy?

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If your intention is to have sex with your date at the end of the night your actions will most likely prevent you from getting anything. Do you know if you’re being sexy or creepy? When a man allows his …