Are You Being Sexy or Creepy?

DonnaBarnes For Men 1 Comment

If your intention is to have sex with your date at the end of the night your actions will most likely prevent you from getting anything. Do you know if you’re being sexy or creepy?

When a man allows his eyes to quickly glance up and down to check a woman out it can be flattering, and get her to notice you. However, if you slowly look her up and down, especially if your eyes land on a specific body part and linger there, you make her feel uncomfortable, and turn her off.

More importantly, when you’re on a date do not touch her sexually. Many female clients have told me they were creeped-out by a man putting his hand high on her leg or even under her skirt, but she didn’t know how to make him stop. No matter what you are doing on a date you have to pay close attention to how it is being received. You may get away with some inappropriate behavior on a first date, but that will most certainly assure it will be your last date.

If a woman is attracted to you she’ll end up wanting to have sex with you if you’re a gentleman and don’t make her feel like you’re objectifying her. Put your focus on getting to know her, what she likes and how she thinks. If you make her feel appreciated for who she is then she’ll be happy when you start making her feel desired by you.

The “Healthy Boundaries” section of my book Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships will help you recognize when you may be making others uncomfortable.