Am I Obligated to Have Sex?

DonnaBarnes For Women Leave a Comment

client of mine recently asked me if she was obligated to have sex with a man who was going to take her to dinner. When I replied, “Of course not!” she seemed surprised.  She has previously had sex with him but they hadn’t seen each other in a while. She wanted to see him but wasn’t interested in sex that night. She wasn’t sure if that would be ok. I told her if he wasn’t ok with spending time with her without “getting anything” more than her company, then she didn’t want him in her life anymore.

If a man takes you to dinner or does something nice you are never obligated to have sex with him! Sex should never be used as a reward or bargaining tool unless you genuinely enjoy having sex with that person.  I know that may sound old-fashioned and maybe even naive, however, studies show that a woman’s self-esteem is lowered when she has sex when she doesn’t want to.

ALWAYS hold strong boundaries and value your self-worth. Only have sex if you’re truly excited and really want to! Any man who gets angry or doesn’t want to see you again because you weren’t ready to have sex with him is not good enough for you. You deserve a true gentleman who will care about your feelings and treat you right. Don’t settle for anything less.