Not Ready to Have a Baby?

Not Ready to Have a Baby?

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If you’re not ready to have a baby yet it’s 100% your responsibility to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy. Assuming that the girl is on the pill, or that she’ll have an abortion if she gets pregnant, are very dangerous …

Don't Let Meeting Online Accelerate Sex

Don’t Let Meeting Online Accelerate Sex

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Do you let meeting online accelerate sex? I’ve heard people say about online dating, “By the time you meet, it’s really just about whether you want to have sex or not.” I find a lot of truth in that. You’ve …

spice up your relationship

How To Spice Up Your Relationship with Games

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The best part of starting a new relationship is the chase and the seduction of discovering each other for the first time. Exploring the unknown is exciting. That’s the reason a lot of people cheat, however, cheating destroys most relationships. …