How to Find Someone Great Online

DonnaBarnes Apps 2 Comments

Do you feel like there is no one good online? When you first signed up for the dating site did you feel excited about all your potential matches, but then after a week or so become disappointed that you hadn’t made a good connection? On top of that now there aren’t many new matches appearing, are there?

Well, anything worth having is worth working for. To find someone great online is no different. The more you interact with the site, the more potential matches you’ll find, and the more that will find you.

I recommend doing a very specific search on any dating site. Narrow down your search criteria as much as you can: are you a sports watcher? Do you play a racket sport? Do you like to dance? Whatever is part of your daily life search for in a partner. Commonality is what makes a relationship last long-term.

Then look at every profile even if you’re not completely attracted to their picture. Many people are witty and charismatic in person but have a hard time showing that in just a picture. If you’re on the fence about someone, give them a chance by meeting them in person…they may just sweep you off your feet!