When to Take Down Your Online Profile

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When you first start dating someone you met online you should “don’t ask, don’t tell” about dating other people. Assume your new love interest is dating other people, and you should too. It will keep your relationship balanced and prevent you from getting too attached too quickly, and from potentially getting hurt. So when to take down your online profile becomes confusing.

If both of your profiles are still online but you are communicating daily and seeing each other at least twice a week but you haven’t talked about being exclusive and you would like to be, then take your profile down. Your partner may have been waiting to see what you would do and take his or her profile down when they see that you have. If not, then it’s ok to ask him or her about it.

After you have been seeing each other regularly for at least two months then it’s ok to ask your partner why his or her profile is still online. It’s actually a good way to bring up the topic of exclusivity. Be prepared before you ask that you may find out your partner isn’t looking for anything exclusive with you. If that is the case try to see it as a good thing that you know now before you waste any more of your precious time in a relationship that isn’t moving forward. You most definitely don’t want anyone who doesn’t want you!

If you’re a woman don’t be surprised if your man says he’s not looking to meet anyone else he just likes looking. Men are very visual and many of them like the novelty of looking at women online who they can actually communicate with, without having any intention of actually meeting them. It’s a boost for his ego. That doesn’t mean that he is trying to replace you. However, if that makes you uncomfortable you need to tell him. You should calmly point out how it’s mean to lead on women who are trying to meet someone to develop a relationship with. It’s unfair to waste anyone’s time for personal gratitude.

For your own sanity and to preserve your partner’s opinion of you please refrain from checking their profile often. It’s cyberstalking and it’s never good for you. It will cause you unnecessary anxiety and may make your partner think you’re crazy.

If you ask why their profile is still online and your partner doesn’t give you the answer you want please don’t try to change his or her mind. Maintain your dignity and just walk away. That’s the best way to strengthen your self-esteem. And it’s the only way you’ll be able to find someone who does truly want to be in an exclusive relationship with you.