Never Tell Your Number of Sex Partners

DonnaBarnes For Women Leave a Comment

It is a huge red flag if your man asks you, “How many men have you had sex with?” Do not allow him to make you feel bad about yourself or that you’re even obligated to answer what your number of sex partners is. What you did prior to meeting this man has helped you become the person you are. That’s a good thing! Any of the specifics are none of his business.

NEVER dignify that question with an answer!

Many women lie and make up what they feel is a respectable number. But that still makes you look bad. Answering that kind of rude question exhibits a lack of healthy boundaries on your part. It sends a message that you can potentially be controlled. However, if you call him out, nicely, about asking such a bogus question you can maintain your self-respect.

You should politely tell him it was an inappropriate question and that it has no validity. If he presses you for an answer that’s an even bigger red flag that he’s manipulative, controlling, and probably insecure; all qualities you should avoid like the plague. Feel free to point out that he’s being manipulative and if he doesn’t drop it you should leave — and never come back.

So if anyone ever asks you how many sex partners you’ve had take that as a sign that he (or she) has issues. Don’t answer. Don’t even feel bad. Just recognize that’s not someone you want to be in a relationship with.