The Question to Find Out How Good Your Relationship Is

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Want to know how good your relationship is? Are you happy? Are you getting your needs met? Do you feel understood and valued? It doesn’t matter how wonderful you think your partner is if he or she doesn’t make you feel loved.

I was recently talking to a client who kept telling me that her boyfriend was the love of her life. She was going on and on about all of his great qualities, but the reason she was talking to me in the first place was because she wanted to feel closer to him and get him more involved in her life. They did a lot of fun things together but it was always what he wanted to do; when she had events with her friends and family he usually made her go alone.

We all want a great man or woman but the most important question to ask yourself about any relationship is: “Do I feel loved.” And if the answer is sometimes, or a flat out no then he or she isn’t good enough for you. You deserve someone who makes you feel as loved as much as you love them!

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