If You Escape Your Relationship You’re Going To Lose It

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Do you avoid intimacy or spending time with your significant other? Do you need a lot of space?
If so, you’re pushing him or her away. I need to warn you, if you escape your relationship you’re going to lose it.

Comments from YouTube:

How timely, Donna! I left the relationship Friday because of just this. She found every way to basically sabotage our opportunity for time together – yet tell me she loved me and that I was the guy (yes…even over the ex we talked about). She killed it, yet said she wanted it. Bottom line: My needs weren’t met as she emotionally and physically backed away and I said goodbye. I had had enough.

Ron Burgundy
Hi Donna, love the video. Two months ago my girlfriend of 18 months broke up with me and really was escaping the relationship for the past 4 months pushing me away emotionally and physically. I believe she had really bad commitment anxiety (fit your commitmentphobe video to the tee) and depression issues and that’s what caused her to leave even though it was the most perfect soulmate relationship for the first year and a bit, we never fought and we were always the couple people were jealous of. She said she will always love me. I was always very supportive, compassionate and patient and treated her the absolute best I ever could’ve, always bringing her little gifts and flowers every now and then and listening to her feelings and talking to her about it. Unfortunately i think her inner struggles were just too much and she told me she doesn’t think she could be in a relationship while dealing with her “inner crisis”, she said she still loved me and still has pictures and comments up of us together on instagram. We’ve been in no contact for 2 months ever since the breakup and i still really want her back. I don’t know if giving her space to do some soul searching is the right thing to continue or dropping little hints that i still care about her (kinda being distant but caring). I would really appreciate some advice on this. Maybe a good video inspiration idea would be dealing with current or ex partners with depression issues. I’m sure I’m not the only one that it would help. You’ve been a great number of help. Thanks.

Maurice Braxton
I’m kind of dealing with this now with my girlfriend of 14 months. She is such a busy person because I think she has this need to feel important. So she is very wrapped up in her kids and friends and I get the short end of the stick over the past 5 to 6 months. When she is with me she is always rushed. We both are still raising teenagers and have our kids on the same weekends. The weekends that we have free we use to stay the entire weekend together. This hasn’t happened for the past 4 to 5 months. Not to mention sex is averaging about once a month for the past 5 months. Just like today we are free of our kids and meeting up for dinner, but she needs to get home afterwards instead of staying the night at my place. What she don’t realize like you mentioned is that she is going to lose me if this pattern continues. Her daughter is supposed to graduate in May and head off to college in August so I want to see if she continues this same pattern after that. If so it’s going to be a problem.