Why Men Say Things They Don’t Mean

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I’m sure we have all at one time or another gotten excited about something a man told us on a date, and then got angry when he never brought it up again and it didn’t happen. Why do men say things they don’t mean? How many times have you called that guy nasty names?

Well, most guys are not intentionally lying to you, they just don’t know how they feel yet. Right-handed men think and feel separately. So while they’re in the moment with you they think they know what they want. They may even get into elaborate planning. But then when they are away from you they are able to switch gears and feel their feelings. Frequently what they feel is very different from what they previously thought.

I’m not making excuses for bad behavior. I’m just trying to clue you in that good men can sometimes say things that they think they mean, and then change their mind when their feelings get involved.

That’s the way their brain works.

If something he said is important to you, wait until the second time you speak about it to take it as a fact. And if you really like him try not to hold it against him if he changes his mind. Always remember, the more pleasant his experience with you is the more likely he’ll be to want to see you again. You want him to enjoy your company so you can continue to enjoy his.

However, if he’s a left-handed man he can think and feel at the same time, the same way women do. And if a man talked about something on more than one occasion before he changed his mind, that was a conscious choice.

This post was written and the video was adapted from my post for Digital Romance TV.