How to Communicate Better

How to Communicate Better

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One of the biggest mistakes in love is expecting your partner to know you so well that he or she will instinctively recognize exactly what you want and need. Is your partner psychic? Does your partner have ESP? No! You shouldn’t presume that …

When NOT to Text

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Just because you have the ability to do something doesn’t mean you should do it. Just because you can send a message immediately doesn’t mean you deserve an immediate response. Electronic communication has changed relationships—and not for the better. For …

Energy is Contagious

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I believe a person’s happiness level dictates his or her degree of patience and compassion. Think about it. When you’re content and life is going well for you, aren’t you much more tolerant than when things aren’t going exactly as …

How to Be a Better Listener

How to Be a Better Listener

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One of the most frustrating things to come up against in a discussion or disagreement is someone who frequently interrupts. Isn’t it annoying when you can’t finish speaking your thoughts, let alone complete a full sentence? It’s called conversation hijacking. It …

Don't Test Your Partner

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Playing games is manipulative and a way to avoid intimacy. Playing games in a relationship doesn’t work. Games create competition, and a winner and loser. Playing games is manipulative and a way to avoid intimacy. Some people think game playing …

Are You Emotional Junk-Food?

Are You Emotional Junk Food?

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Bad relationships are pretty much the same as junk food. The difference between consuming actual junk food and indulging in emotional junk-food is that with food, at least you usually know what you’re consuming isn’t really good for you. Many …