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How to Get a Positive Response

A common complaint about online messaging is that the people you find attractive never reply. If you make your message stand out you can increase your odds.

Here are a few guidelines for online messaging:

1. Be Respectful and Have Boundaries. Don’t just send a message to a pretty picture without taking the time to read what he or she specified. If her profile says, “I definitely want to have children” and you don’t want children, you are not right for her! Or if he says he wants a woman with a slim body type and you’re curvy or have a few extra pounds, he won’t be attracted to you. Don’t waste your time and energy.

2. Be original. Take something you liked in their profile and write to him or her about that. It is more genuine if it’s specific to what they took the time to write. A well-written message can win over a person who wasn’t sure based on your picture.

Online Messaging3. Keep it Succinct. No one wants to know (or needs to know) everything about you until they know they’re interested. Two short paragraphs or less should bottom line what you’re trying to say. Less is more…leave something for the imagination.

4. Have Clear Easy to See Pictures. Having no pictures or fuzzy or hard to see images makes you look shady and untrustworthy. Watch Uploading The Best Photos: How to Get a Positive Response

5. Try Twice. Very attractive people get a lot of messages. He or she may not have seen your first one, and timing is everything. Say something like: I just thought I’d try one more time…and tell him or her why you would like to meet them. Then wish them luck in their search. Do not ever scold someone for not replying (or for anything) no one likes it and it most definitely won’t endear them to you.


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