Don’t Communicate Online Without Watching This

DonnaBarnes Apps 2 Comments

A scammer’s primary tool, and tell, is to communicate online only
developing deep emotional intimacy without meeting you.

It will seem realistic to you; he or she is temporarily out of state or out of the country but lives near you. Their profile will seem highly appealing so you’ll be willing to wait to meet them. After all, it’s hard to find someone good, right? Scammers count on that. They are extremely manipulative and very skilled at seeming sensitive and caring—loving. They will make you feel more loved than you have felt in your life—if you’re vulnerable enough to fall for it.

Meeting online is a great way to vet someone and discover if you have commonality before you meet in person to see if you have chemistry. If you find someone interesting online you should only talk once or twice before you meet. Once to decide if you want to meet. The second time to confirm when and where you’re meeting.

The first time you speak it should last 30 minutes at most. It should not get too personal or divulge any identifying information such as how much money you make or exactly where you live. It should be light and fun conversation to show some of your personality.

Online dating can be very time consuming if you spend too much time communicating with people you have not met. If someone is legitimately out of town they won’t want to spend a lot of time communicating before you meet.


If you do allow emotional intimacy to develop I promise he or she will have some sort of personal tragedy or business failure and will need your help. Don’t fall for it! DO NOT EVER SEND ANY MONEY TO A PERSON YOU HAVE NOT ME FACE-TO-FACE! If someone even asks for any financial assistance consider that a huge red flag and stop communicating with them.

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