Your Emotional Wall Keeps You Alone

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Being emotionally open in a relationship is very scary for people who are uncomfortable with feeling vulnerable. Putting up an emotional wall to hide behind feels safe. After all, it is much easier to get angry than to share what you’re truly feeling. But I have to caution you, hiding behind your emotional wall keeps you alone.

You need to be vulnerable to achieve true love. It helps if you trust the person you’re in a relationship with to be compassionate and care about your feelings.  If you’ve only been dating people who you feel you need to keep your wall up to then you need to start making better choices in partners. I’d be happy to help you change your pattern!

Nevertheless, the person you need to trust the most is yourself. Trust yourself to be brave, stay strong, and calmly express your feelings to hold healthy boundaries. When you believe that you can handle any situation you’ll feel much more comfortable allowing yourself to be vulnerable. And you’ll experience a truly loving partnership.