No One Makes You Do Anything

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Before you blame your partner for making you do something, stop and think, “I have free will to choose my behavior.” Then make sure that you always choose your actions wisely.

No one makes you do anything. You ALWAYS have a choice. If you don’t choose to make a good choice, one that you’re comfortable with then that is on you. It’s a lack of boundaries that causes you to feel like you HAVE to do what someone else wants. But you never do. Be empowered and stand up for what you believe in.

To have a healthy relationship, each partner needs to accept responsibility for his or her own actions. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that one person looks to blame the other for why they were late, or for making them forget something, or even for their unhappiness. But blame is toxic. If you blame, you’re certainly not helping your case because no one likes to be accused of anything. You’re only making yourself appear unattractive. However, if you admit your mistakes and apologize for them people will find you much more endearing.