Attending a Wedding Together May End Your Relationship

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Going to a wedding with the love of your life can seem very romantic. But be careful, it just might ignite fear of commitment in your partner and ruin your relationship.

If you’re in a great relationship and one or both of you have been thinking, “This is the one” then attending a wedding together can make those thoughts become more of a reality. If he or she, or even you, have subconscious fears about making a deeper commitment then the wedding will manifest anxiety, possibly even cause panic, and frequently causes people to escape the relationship, either by withdrawing, creating conflict, or ending it completely.

I have seen this happen to several of my clients, and it has even happened to me personally. After being together blissfully for 6 months the man who I thought was the love of my life took me to a wedding. The happy couple had our same story but they were a few months ahead of us. At the reception, they thanked their family for helping them put together such a fast ceremony in support of their desire to start a family immediately. My boyfriend and I had also been talking about those things. But we had our first fight (over something completely ridiculous) in the cab on the way home — and our relationship was never the same, we eventually broke up over it. He had commitment issues.

If you are concerned about possible commitment issues in your relationship I highly recommend reading He’s Scared She’s Scared by Steven Carter and Julia Sokol before attending a wedding together. You can browse it and/or download it by clicking the cover image below:

Attending a wedding togther may end your relationship

I recommend He’s Scared She’s Scared to most of my clients. It is essentially an encyclopedia of commitment issues. If you had a sudden confusing breakup, your “soul mate” has suddenly changed and is acting cold, or if you keep ending up in relationships with unavailable people this is a must read to understand what is happening.

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