8 Signs Your Relationship is Too Hard

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Did you think you possibly found the love of your life but you’re not feeling happy? Are you frequently frustrated, confused, angry, or sad? Do you feel like you’re bending over backward and jumping through hoops to be there for your partner but not getting your own needs met?


8 Signs Your Relationship is Too Hard

  • He/she takes up more of your time than you want to give.
  • You don’t get to spend enough time together; you want more than he/she gives.
  • You’re taking care of his/her needs but not getting the same caring returned.
  • His/her dysfunctional past is a focal point of your relationship.
  • You’re trying to rescue him/her (this may be subconscious).
  • You disagree and/or argue frequently.
  • You feel like you’re walking on eggs shells.
  • You don’t have commonality – you’re different kinds of people ethically, socially, or your level of self-growth. Or you simply don’t like to do the same things.

It doesn’t have to be hard; there truly are plenty of fish in the sea (so to speak). You can and will find a better one if you take the lessons you’ve learned from this dysfunctional situation and use that knowledge to choose a healthy relationship.

I assure you if you find the right person it will be easy. People do what they want to do. When you find someone who wants the same things as you, who also makes you feel loved, you’ll be much happier. I promise.