Why You Should Always Accept a Compliment

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You should always accept a compliment. After all, it’s flattering when someone notices you and let’s you know they appreciate you—at least it should be. It’s usually intended to be nice, to positively acknowledge you. It should make you feel good about yourself—boost your self-image. However, how many times have you responded to a compliment by criticizing yourself?

I understand a compliment can be embarrassing. It calls attention to you that you may not feel comfortable with. But if you use a compliment as an opportunity to point out something negative about yourself it reveals your insecurities, and certainly isn’t attractive.

The only appropriate response to a compliment is, “Thank you.” Or any other positive statement that accepts the compliment, such as, “That’s very kind of you,” or “I appreciate that.” When you graciously accept a compliment you show your confidence in yourself.

When my male clients ask me how to approach a girl they liked to date I tell them to offer a sincere compliment or observation. It makes you very attractive if you accept his compliment. Allow yourself to be flattered by it.

Most importantly, never be mean to anyone who pays you a nice compliment. It’s hard for people to put themselves out there, please don’t shame them for trying. Don’t judge a book by its cover. At least have a conversation with him before you make a decision about being attracted to him or not. You may end up being pleasantly surprised.