Smart Women Know When to be Submissive

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Submissive is a hot charged word that conjures up images of centuries-old behavior that feminists have fought long and hard to change. So Good Morning America did a follow-up story when Candice Cameron-Bure (formerly of Full House) said that one of the secrets behind the success of her 17-year marriage was being submissive to her husband. I had so much more to say on the subject then what could fit in the on-air story, so I made this video.

How do you know when to be submissive? If you trust your man to be a good leader then it’s smart to allow him to take the lead. Instinctually, men like to protect women. If you don’t allow your man to be the man he will most likely get frustrated with you, and leave you.

On a core level like attracts like. That means you’re the same type of people; you have the same ethics, values, and goals. But on the surface level opposites attract. If both of you are trying to take the same role it’s like trying to put the opposite sides of two magnets together. You’ll repel each other.

Within a healthy relationship, each partner will naturally take the lead on the things each is best at. On the things you’re both good at a smart woman will allow her man to do for them both. You never want to emasculate him, on the contrary, you want to stroke his ego and make him feel loved and supported.

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