How to Get a Man to Marry You

DonnaBarnes For Women 1 Comment

Are you waiting for your man to pop the question? How you behave will have a lot to do with if you get that proposal or not. How to get a man to marry you is by being smart and staying empowered.

Unfortunately, too many women start to get impatient, and then get angry, and end up destroying their relationship. If you want him to marry you, you have to be enjoyable to spend time with.

The only way a relationship can work is if it is a true partnership between two complete people. By a complete person, I mean someone who functions independently, on their own, without needing the other person to make them whole.

You must always choose to take care of yourself. Too often women put all their focus on what the guy wants, allowing their own needs to suffer. Or worse, they look to the guy to take care of them. They’re needy. Either way, you’re giving away your power. You’ll become unattractive to a healthy man. Men want a woman they can respect.

Be independent, take care of yourself, make him feel loved, and give him space. That’s all good for you and just may encourage your man to want to marry you.

Sharing your loving thoughts is a great way to make your man feel loved. He should feel like he can come to you with anything. Let him know you’ll always be empathetic and compassionate. Make sure your man feels assured that you won’t judge or discount his feelings, and he will naturally feel close to you.

However, do not smother your man with obsessive love. Don’t overwhelm him with your feelings and appear needy; that will drive him away. Express your feelings in moderation and with power. Show him you want, but do not need him. Save saying “I love you” for important moments when it will mean something special. If you say it all the time, it starts to sound mechanical and less authentic. You never want to be phony; just be yourself.

Most importantly, if you are doing all the right things and your man still won’t marry you, do not waste years hoping he’ll change his mind. Ultimatums rarely work. Take care of your own needs by letting go and moving on. If your current man truly loves you he’ll never let you go.