Bad Boys Are Overrated

DonnaBarnes For Women 1 Comment

Bad boys got that name because they’re not good for you. Their gorgeous looks and cool demeanor make them very appealing. But their self-centered, selfish, ways certainly don’t make you happy. Far too many amazing women (and some gay men) demean themselves by putting up with the unavailability of a man they’re hot for.

Many of my clients have told me about an amazing friend who they wish they could be attracted to, but they’re not. I think that says more about you and your relationship with yourself. Like attracts like; when you put up with bad behavior you attract a bad boy. But when you hold healthy boundaries and high self-esteem you’ll attract a healthy man.

If bad boys are more attractive to you than nice guys then your self-esteem needs a boost. When you require a man to treat you right and you’ll be much happier!

bad boys are overrated


  I highly recommend The Self-Esteem Workbook By Glenn R. Shiraldi