Are You High Maintenance on Dates?

DonnaBarnes For Women Leave a Comment

No one likes to be on a date with someone who is high maintenance. Your behavior becomes high maintenance if you’re struggling with feeling insecure or holding high or unreasonable expectations.

The main objective of going on a date is to have fun while getting to know each other. No matter what happens, never lose sight of that goal.

If your date is late, picks a bad restaurant, or in any way doesn’t meet your expectations of how you think he/she should treat you tell yourself to keep the vision of the date in mind.

Ask yourself, what is the greater good?

  • Getting to complain about what you don’t like?
  • Pouting about not getting your way?
  • Acting bitchy (passive aggressive) to punish your date?
  • Or, having fun with the guy/girl you like?

If having fun getting to know your date isn’t what’s most important to you then you might as well go home and look for someone else. But if you like your date you need to go with the flow and be perceived as easy going. Don’t sweat the small stuff workbook.

Now, of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t get your needs met. You always need to take care of yourself and enforce healthy boundaries. Just make sure you do it in a nice way.