Why You Shouldn’t Lie About Your Height to Get a Date

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If you lie about your height online will not help you connect with someone who wants a tall guy, and it will destroy your self-esteem.

You absolutely do not want anyone who doesn’t want you exactly as you are. So there is no need to falsify who you are to entice someone into meeting you. More importantly, you never want to intentionally put yourself in a situation to be rejected.

Why You Shouldn't Lie About Your Height to Get a DateIf you think you need to be tall to get a girl you’re wrong, you need to change that thinking!

One of my favorite clients was a guy who was only 5’4″. He came to me because he was having trouble getting girls and he was convinced it was because of his height. I helped him change that negative thinking and now he gets just about any girl he wants, even a girl who is 6’2″. He sent me an email that you should read, I shared it in my blog post: Confidence is More Important Than Looks.

If someone agrees to meet you and you show up physically different than what you described you immediately show her (or him) she can’t trust you. You’re now fighting an uphill battle to win her over. Trust is the most vital part of a relationship. Without trust, there is insecurity, doubt, miscommunication, arguments, and no real emotional intimacy.

If you start a relationship with a lie, no matter how small, it makes it much harder to develop trust.

If you’re sensitive about your height and prefer not to specify what it is you should join Donna Barnes Dating, which only asks for your height range so you don’t have to lie about what your actual height is.

f you choose to use a site that makes you choose a specific height, please be honest. Some people don’t care about height, but others care a lot. You don’t want to waste either of your time getting together if you simply aren’t right for each other.