Donna Barnes Life & Relationship Coach, Heartbreak Coach

NYU Certified Life & Relationship Coach, Heartbreak Coach

NYC's 12 Best Dating Coaches of 2014

Founder of Donna Barnes Dating,

Queen of Television Sound bites,

Video on Demand Coach, Columnist,

and Author of "Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships:

Recipes for Healthy Choices"

Donna Barnes is the one to watch… and learn from!


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Donna Barnes Relationship Expert for Good Morning America
Donna Barnes was the Life & Relationship Coach for 3 seasons of ABC News popular What Would You Do?
Donna Barnes has been a Dating & Relationship Expert for CNN
Donna Barnes has been a Dating & Relationship Expert for Fox News
Donna Barnes has been a Relationship Expert for ABC's Nightline
Donna Barnes has been a Dating & Relationship Expert for VH-1

​Donna is Good Morning America's Relationship Expert and is a frequent contributor on Nightline. She spent three seasons with the popular "What Would You Do?" hosted by Emmy winner John Quinones. Donna has also appeared on Fox & Friends, CNN,

NBC's Today, CBS's Early Show, Fox News, Fuse, and she had fun teaching the girls how to "Rock at Love" on VH-1's  "Rock of Love Charm School" hosted by Sharon Osbourne.


She's the author of Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships: Recipes for Healthy Choices and e-book "It's All About You!: How to Use Your Power to get (and Keep) a Wonderful Man".

Available at


Donna has contributed columns & advice videos to DigitalRomanceInc

and shot more than 500 advice videos for


Life, Relationship & Heartbreak Coach

Donna Barnes, Dating, Relationship, & Heartbreak Coach

Growing up just outside Philadelphia, the “City of Brotherly Love”, Donna became a hopeless romantic…utterly fascinated with dating and relationships.  At age 18, a modeling agency moved her to New York City.  She was thrilled to be in the heart of America’s biggest singles scene!  In the dressing rooms of her modeling and acting bookings she listened with great intrigue to the other girl’s dating tales and disasters.  Although personally, she was a serial monogamist (always had a boyfriend), she never managed to pick the “right” men.  Then at age 30, the best thing that could have happened to her did.  She had her heart badly broken.  It was a first.  And it gave her an epiphany!   “If I was ever going to have a healthy relationship I needed to learn exactly what one was,” Barnes says.  A girlfriend turned her on to self-help books, and she became a knowledge junkie!  She refocused all her relationship curiosity into getting an education.  Her turning point was when she came to realize the only way to have a healthy relationship was to first heal herself.  She enlisted the help of a great therapist and started on the path towards a new career.


In 2001, Donna and her three close friends, affectionately known as The Barracudas, were recruited to star in a new reality television series about singles, aptly titled, To Live and Date in New York. In 2002, the show became a hit for Metro TV; then for WE: Women’s Entertainment as Single in the City; and for Bravo Canada and SKY Television all around the world as The Real Sex in the City. Episode by episode Donna attracted a following as she lovingly dished her relationship advice. The series re-aired on all the above networks at least once a year.

Donna Barnes co-host Naked New York with Bob Berkowitz (Metro TV - Cablevision)

Metro TV watched Donna carefully, and along with the rest of New York, liked what they saw. They dubbed her the “Dating Expert” when they recruited her to co-host Naked New York with Bob Berkowitz, giving Donna the perfect platform to exercise her self-taught dating and relationship proficiency while interviewing some of the countries top sex and relationship experts. During its 205 episodes, Naked New York was Metro TV’s top-rated show, spawning Donna’s first relationship column in the start-up magazine

New York Moves.


​Donna knew helping people was what she was meant to do. She enrolled at New York University. Naturally, her Coaching specialty is Dating and Relationships, and Heartbreak. Donna loves providing her clients with a positive approach to their life and liaisons. She also offers her advice in several online columns and now in Video on Demand. Hailed as one of New York City’s top dating and relationship experts, Donna is the one to call when in need of a helpful, healing and unique point of view.


Donna resides on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. She admits there is a shortage of truly happy couples in this world…their plight helps drive Donna’s strong intention to bring romantic bliss to the masses.


She's excited about her new dating website Commonality is what makes a relationship work; if you can vet someone online before you even know if you're attracted to each other, then you have a much better chance of making it work if you do turn out to have chemistry.


Donna is proud to provide a safe way for people to find the person who is right for them.


Donna Barnes as Co-Host of Naked New York

with Bob Berkowitz on Metro TV (Cablevision)