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Donna Barnes is a New York University Certified Life & Relationship Coach. She is based on New York's Upper West Side but coaches clients all over the world via Skype or telephone. 

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Donna's approach to dating and relationships is truly empowering, because it is all about you!  If you're not happy with your situation - YOU have the power to change it!  You don't have to rely on fate or luck to bring you the perfect match.  And you don't have to settle for the wrong partner because the good ones always leave.  Donna can give you the insight and tools to achieve the relationship you crave.  
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Start taking action toward the life of your dreams!  It’s all about your choices, your actions, your thoughts and feelings.  Turn your dreams into reality by making them goals.
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Donna has appeared on television and radio shows across the country. For three seasons she was the 
on-air Life & Relationship Coach for the ABC News top rated "What Would You Do?". She has been a guest expert on Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, CNN, NBC's Today, CBS Early Show, and many other talk and news programs.  
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"A welcome addition to the self-help genre that aims to heal body and mind."  — Kirkus Reviews    Read Full Review
The difference between consuming actual junk food and indulging in emotional junk-food is that with food, at least you usually know what you're consuming isn't really good for you. With relationships it's not always as easy to tell it's not good for you until you've already digested a lot of it. 

​This book is intended to empower you with knowledge--to help you create virtual nutrition labels for potential partners and make healthier relationship choices.     

With more than 30 years of personal dating & relationship experience Donna gives clients a unique perspective--a combination of practical hindsight, intelligence, and academic knowledge.  
Bad relationships are pretty much the same as junk food. has Launched!
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